Christmas Mystery Solved?

This afternoon, when I came home from volunteering with others in setting up the new office for Lend a Hand, there was yet another "Christmas Clue" waiting in the mailbox - however, unlike the last ones which were addressed to my children - this one was addressed to me.

I felt like a little girl when I saw it...a little girl seeing the cookie crumbs on the plate after Santa had visited the night before....that awestruck feeling of there is really ..truly...a Santa....

This time the letter said............

Eva, Santa knows who's been naughty and nice and you fall on the Nice

For you being good this year, Santa has given you a one night stay at the
Best Western in Mauston.

The reservations have been made for you and the boys to stay on Christmas
Eve night. Spend the night enjoying the pool and hot tub!

The elves have been busy getting the room ready - all you need to bring is
your swimsuit, clothes and toothbrush. The hot chocolate will be waiting!

Santa wants you to know that he sees you've worked hard and this is your

Again, the elves made the room ready for you and your boys, Christmas Eve.
Just show up at the
Best Western in Mauston.

Merry Christmas from Santa and the Misses.

Signed - Leslie Householder - General Manager.
(Merry Christmas from the Best Western - Mauston

My children stood silently as I read the letter aloud....after about a minute or two from finishing reading it, Kyle jumped up and down with joy....

"They have the best pool mom!! I can't wait! How many more days?"

Justin stood there with a shocked look on his face and questioned...

"I don't get this ...why...who.....what is going on....?"

Tears were rolling down my face as I smiled and watched my sons' reactions.

It's a lot to much has happened in the last few many amazing things...that I am still having a hard time absorbing that this year someone has gone through so much effort to make a special holiday for the children and I.

And it's not just one person.....but many so far have made gestures to us...showing us we are not alone.

I am still stunned...shocked...there are no words to describe everything that has happened -

I don't even know how I can express all the appreciation and gratitude I have for all the people who have remembered us this Christmas -

Yes, like I said in the last post.....this holiday season has changed my life into a new direction...................and yes, I have a feeling there are most twists and turns ....
WHO ARE THE ELVES????????????????????


Oh....for those of you keeping track... this time the letter was postmarked from LaCrosse....
(2) from Madison
(1) LaCrosse


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