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Yesterday I met with a young woman named Jenny. She relayed her journey of being a survivor of child sexual assault, a journey that began when she was just 2 years old. Jenny's Journey during her
childhood will hit home with many survivors, as it is one that is riddled with incidents of abuse, and most non related to the ones before.

I know that may sound confusing to some but something I've learned through my path of healing is it is common for someone who has been sexually abused as a child to have multiple incidents of repeated abuse however by different offenders.

When a victim/survivor goes through such a journey they literally feel like a freak of nature, that somehow they are to blame, perhaps even asking for it - but the reality is perpetrators are able to sniff out the child they think they can control, the one with low self esteem. They know what to look for in their prey - an injured soul.

In listening to Jenny's story I found, once again, I identified with some of her past experiences. Like her I had been victimized by many hands as a child, and like her, while they may have silenced me for a while, they were never able to quash the fighter in me that was always there.

As you listen to her story you will notice that throughout her ordeals there was always a strong woman inside of her fighting to be heard.

Jenny's Journey  - trigger warning.
We had some technical difficulties - but for the most part the video is good.

If you are a survivor working towards bettering your community while using your life experience and/or working towards change in laws - please contact #WhenIBecameFree - The Heartland Project at  and visit the website at #WhenIBecameFree-The Heartland Project


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