Kelli's Story - An Update - #WhenIBecameFree- The Heartland Project

Any survivor willing to go public with their story is BRAVE!. We risk judgment and most of all we live with a fear that our abusers will come after us - that fear is in us whether or not we tell our story.

Kelli is allowing all of us in on her life during a highly traumatizing event - offender re-entry.
Most survivors live with PTSD and offender re-entry is one of the many triggers we must work through on our path to thriving.
Kelli is working through her fears while she works towards change.
Thank you Kelli for being so brave!
Shining a light on the holes in a system is not an easy task, especially as you're falling through them.

Victims/survivors need LEGAL rights during the offender re-entry process. Our voices and concerns need to be heard. While policy changes may be a positive step we believe legislation granting us those rights will ensure our voices are heard.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the staff at the Juneau County Sheriff's Office - Detective Shaun Goyette, Jeri Rockwell,  Sheriff Brent Oleson and all the rest who were there when Kelli and I stopped in after filming the following video. Det. Goyette took time to explain ways Kelli can keep herself safe and assured her that the Sheriff's Dept. would do everything needed should an incident occur. Jeri and Sheriff Oleson were gracious and made us all feel welcomed. Thank you!

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If you are a survivor working towards bettering your community while using your life experience and/or working towards change in laws - please contact #WhenIBecameFree - The Heartland Project at  and visit the website at #WhenIBecameFree-The Heartland Project

For Background on Kelli's Story see the following video - Filmed on Aug. 31, 2015


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