Tracy's Truth - #WhenIBecameFree

Being a survivor of child sexual abuse is hard enough when people believe you, but when people deny your truth and the path you've walked, especially loved ones, the pain felt goes far deeper and
the road to healing can be longer.

This afternoon I had the opportunity to meet a very brave woman named Tracy. She told me her story and it was one filled with struggle and lifelong pain that can come with being a survivor.

I sat across from Tracy and listened intently as she spoke. I identified with a lot of what she said. Like her I was a very young girl when I was first molested. Like her my story in the past was denied by people I cared about, and like her I managed to place myself into relationships that were abusive. Most importantly, like her, I am working to break the cycles of dysfunction for the future generations.

Most survivors have common bonds in their path to healing, it is a long road and we all pass certain and specific landmarks along the way - Having said that there are detours each one of us take as we struggle with the shame that is not our to carry. That is what makes us individuals and our stories so important to be told. Everyone needs validation and in telling our stories openly we validate ourselves and our existence.

It takes courage to say "Hello World - My Innocence Was Stolen. I am a Survivor of Child Sexual Assault!"

We know it is a topic many would rather avoid, but we also know that stigmas grow in dark closets and you cannot be free in the dark.

While her road has been one that was hard to walk, Tracy can still smile and look forward to tomorrows. If you are a survivor struggling to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel, pay attention to Tracy and allow the domino effect of hope to touch you. You are not alone,

Tracy We Believe You!

Trigger warning - Tracy's Truth

If you are a survivor working towards bettering your community while using your life experience and/or working towards change in laws - please contact #WhenIBecameFree - The Heartland Project at  and visit the website at #WhenIBecameFree-The Heartland Project


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