Failing Economy Feeds Cycle of Domestic Violence

As more and more people suffer job loss, lose homes, and their personal debts compound because the individuals out there lack the funds needed to pay them - not only will alcoholism and drug use increase, but so will the rates of households suffering domestic violence. This will not only harm our present day society, but create a pay it forward punch that will knock out future generations.

It's not only women who will suffer at the hands of their abuser, but the rises will be seen across the board: more elderly abuse as families double up; more workplace violence as employees reach their mental limits with trying to hold on to their jobs; children will take their anger to schools and bullying will increase; yes, even more men will suffer at the hands of their partners abuse.

Domestic violence is a poison that crosses over every racial line, every faith, and every social status. It does not discriminate and the fear that keeps victims frozen in place in a violent home will be more real than ever before; financial need and dependence:

Excerpt from 03/02/09 Hometown Annapolis by Staff Writer Lisa Beisel

"What's left is finances," Bolin said. "You know, finances can make or break a marriage every time." And that can have devastating consequences.

In January, county police said an Annapolis woman killed her boyfriend and then committed suicide because of financial strain. And last month, an Annapolis man was charged with assault after police said he argued with his wife over a bill for their children's dental care. The husband allegedly shoved the bill into his wife's mouth, according to reports.

Excerpt from 10/07/08 L.A. Times by Denise Gellene

Mental-health counselors say financial stress taking toll on nation

"In Stockton, the epicenter of California's home foreclosure crisis, mental health counselor Maria Tabios said more than a third of her cases revolve around foreclosures. Inevitably, problems spill into other parts of family life. "They are falling behind on their house payments because of bad loans, so they begin fighting and blaming each other. Some resort to drinking," she said. "It's a domino effect."

Yes, it is a DOMINO EFFECT, an effect that will last generations as our children are being raised in the households where these dominos fall. Our communities need to come together, raise awareness and combat the violence taking place behind closed doors by talking about it - it's starts there, with communication, discussion, and understanding. That's the only hope I can see that will help to catch those dominos as they fall.


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