Kyle's Art - I Knew I Was Patient For a Reason

This is my youngest son, Kyle, and next to him is a recent art piece he has created. Now, let me tell you about Kyle. Oh...there are soooooo many adjectives to describe this unique young man, just ask his older brother Justin.

As a mother I have been blessed with two remarkable sons. Not only do they keep me going each and everyday, but I am in constant amazement on how much they teach me.

Both of my children have talents...I love them both dearly, and they know it. My eldest son, Justin, I will be talking, and blogging about in the near future....his life has already had a positive impact on our society, and other children....believe me there will be stories to tell you...but for now this one is about Kyle.

Kyle was a child that did everything in life early. And I mean EVERYTHING! He did so on little to no sleep .....with me, a walking Zombie....following closely behind and praying that no one got hurt.

It was within weeks of him being born into this world that I knew he would one day he would be more than an average kid. Kyle went with me everywhere, and when he was a baby we had many places to go including advocating for special needs children like his older brother Justin.

On my hip, Kyle, went on protests in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Washington DC...he sat in Senator's offices sucking on his bottle....attended many school meetings for other children while I advocated on their behalf.....and most importantly always kept me on my toes.

Where ever we were, whatever situation it was, Kyle always managed to garner all the attention. It wasn't the mere fact he was (is) an adorable child, but people were amazed by his abilities. An early talker he could talk in full sentences when he was just 12 months old, but what was really remarkable was from the time he could hold a crayon he would spend hours upon hours drawing, and had the intensity of the best tempermental artists. Sitting in meetings, and noticing the reactions of others, I would often comment how I called Kyle, "my little copy machine." It was nothing for him to draw picture after picture with details that I still can't do, and he was the young age of 2.

Like most artists, Kyle, has some unique tastes. This child listens to Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, classical music, and classic rock. He has a love for antiques, and has since he was very young. He is an old soul in a young man's frame.

Now, along with all of that Kyle is my risk taker. I never know what he is going to do next. There's no doubt this kid walks the path of his own drum, and doesn't give a damn about what other's think . Even when I am upset with him, I have to appreciate this quality in him - needless to say I don't stay mad long.

When our lives at home took a nasty turn a few years ago, and my children woke up in a house filled with chaos and domestic violence, Kyle, used his artistic ability to purge his emotions. He often wouldn't let others see his work, and there were even sometimes at school in art class he would pretend he wasn't as good as he was. He reasoning for this was he didn't want to hurt the other kid's feelings (yes, like most artists, Kyle is very sensitive to his surroundings.)

Kyle has always wanted to be an artist. This is what he wants to do with his life, and I have no doubt that this child will succeed - you should see some of the tin foil sculptures I've come home to....and how many times I've been frustrated that he used the entire roll!

Now maybe you think this is just a proud mom talking about her son - and you would be right, I am proud. However, I truly feel like one day this little man of mine will become that much sought out artist - just look at what he can do at the young age of 10 - Remember his name...keep an eye out for it in the future, and you will remember where you heard it first!


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