Why Congress Needs Batterer's Treatment -

See that picture....yeah, that one over to the left. That's what is known as the Power and Control Wheel....it shows how the cycle of abuse happens, and what spins it out of control.

Now please don't think I am about to make slight at the plague of domestic violence in our country, nor what happens to victims of it....

However take a really good look at it.....Does it remind you of anything all of us have in common? Every single American from New York to Alaska (yes, even Palin's Alaska)....

Emotional Abuse: lying, demeaning comments, neglect for your well being.

Economic Abuse: Controls the money - and uses it against you.

Threats: If you don't agree with them, watch out because it will be the end of the world you know.

Blaming, Denial, Minimizing; It's not their fault....how could YOU think that!?! They're working to make your life better ....give you everything you need to live a good life....besides don't blame them for your last guy!!

Isolation: Where are you going to go that's better than here?

Intimidation: They make the rules...they decide what happens if you don't follow them...and if you don't they will make your life a living hell!!!!!!!!

Using the Children: You don't want to follow their rules? Then watch out because your children WILL pay...they will make sure of it....they will take your children, and twist the truths and forever it will be YOUR fault that the children have to deal with their reality.

Male Privilege: That's right..they are card carrying members of the Good Ole' Boy network..sure maybe they will let a woman think she can take part....but don't fool yourself, they smoke the cigars - besides remember Clinton...they decide where they place those cigars too!

Meet your government people!!! Take a good look....you have been victimized, and now we all suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ...welcome to the club................................


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