Couldn't Sell My Damn Tears! admit it. Last year I had a little breakdown. It's the only word I have to describe it. A person can only take so much, right? At least I thought so at the time....

Spring 2008.........

Basement flooded
Water heater fugged up - boiled water for baths
Ex saying he wouldn't take the plea ...wanted a jury trial...meaning my children would be grilled on the stand.
Notice I was being sued for a credit card that the ex ran up prior to the divorce, and that last assault
Working two jobs and getting NOWHERE financially
House all muddy from dogs and the backyard being flooded
Car acting up again....more funny sounds coming from the front end
Vacuum cleaner broke

All in happening in a couple of days time..............

Yup.....I lost my mind.............

I rummaged the house looking for things to eBay only to discover I've already auctioned off most of my possessions of any value....

There I sat in my room.......crying............feeling sorry for myself...........pissed off at the world.......pissed off at HIM...and then pissed off at myself for even being in the position I was in.

So I got this half brained idea. MY TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one thing I had left..YUP......MY TEARS!!!!!! I'll auction those.

My boys thought their mother had finally lost the last bit of sanity I had left (and they were probably right)

So I put up the auction ad. "My Tears for Sale"

I thought it was creative. I had a pretty little costume jewelry ( I don't know what the hell it was) container thing on a chain - that I said held my tears.........symbolically (key word - remember that).

I placed the auction ad and then made sure I let everyone I could think of know I did. Yup, "Crazy Eva, was at it again!"

Hey, if some guy in Australia could sell his life (house included) then why couldn't I sell those tears, DAMNIT....a lot of work, blood and sweat went into shedding them!

I got mixed reactions from strangers and friends from encouragement to people thinking I made up the story that went with the tears....and of course some who thought I just needed a vacation. (well then buy the damn tears so I can afford one!)

The auction had a quite a few watchers.....

It was slowly over the days that I was watching the auction, things started to settle down at home and I was able to digest all that was happening. The overload was calming down.

THEN!!!!!! My auction ad of my tears got pulled by eBay!!!! I got a warning for trying to sell bodily fluids!

Can't people read??????????? What does the word "symbolic" mean to you?????????????????

Life continued to settle down, and I realized it all wasn't the end of the world.

Call that little breakdown what you will, but I walked away stronger for it...knowing there's no price you can put on my tears..whether they were shed from pain or laughter -- They're mine and mine alone.

I learned well as the people at eBay can't read...........


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