2028 - Do you see it? (a follow up)

If you read my blog a couple of days ago then you will already know about 2028....if not, take a look below:

Now obviously this is a touchy subject to some, but most can agree it's one that needs to be addressed.

In the clip above you see glimpses into the 18 years after a young woman, who was obviously unprepared, gave birth to a son when she was just a child...teen...herself.

You see not just one life...but many lives spiral out of control...and you also see how it touches others in their professional careers...from teachers to police.

Keeping that in mind, I sent the press release out from the producers of the clip...which is a public service announcement...to professionals in my community who deal with the cycle of dysfunction and bad choices in their day to day life.

It was a long list ... teachers....a police chief...domestic abuse advocates...people in the district attorney's office...and others.

A wide range of people who at first may have thought this issue doesn't touch them in their professional role.

And interestingly enough I did get back some responses that said just that, or that they would pass it along to someone else.

Personally I do see the connection and I believe that clip...that public service announcement highlighted it....

A family spirals out of control....
Domestic Violence...
and a child growing up in it - dealing with everything else it brings....
A cycle.......a cycle that keeps going, and growing in intensity.

That fight the police breaks up...what was the core?
The poverty and fear that young mom experiences while she is gripping on to her baby..
That young boy dealing with bullies..growing up in poverty...taking all his pain with him to school...

Yes, it is an issue that touches many, and yes, while I wasn't surprised by those who said it's not something they deal with...in a way I was disappointed they didn't see the connection.

However ...there were some exceptions...

Two of them stood out to me, and below is what they had to say....

I watched the trailer of this and I was very impressed. I do believe that this needs to get out to the kids, especially in this day and age. I worry for our children today. Whether or not it is appropriate is a hard question. Most people wouldn't believe it is, but then how do we get the information out to the children. I think they really need to see the whole picture. I was considered a single mother after my divorce and that was hard enough. I have seen first hand how hard it is to take care of a baby by themselves. So I believe that this should be seen by our children today.

Michele Mehne

I guess my comment is related to teen pregnancy prevention efforts in general. (Feel free to use my name about this.) Whenever there are efforts to prevent teen pregnancy, I feel it is vital to also be addressing rape. Many teen girls, in particular, are having unwanted sex, but perhaps not identifying it as rape due to misunderstanding about the definition of rape. They don’t understand that consent requires a freely given “yes” (no pressure, manipulation, coercion, or threats) by someone who’s judgment is not impaired (not drunk or high), and that the absence of consent with sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal, or oral) is rape. I hope that the discussion following the PSA included such information about teaching teens about sexual assault and consent and teaching them skills to intervene sexual violence, hold each other accountable for unwanted behavior, and role model healthy, respectful relationships.

Jess Ritschke
Community Education Coordinator
Hope House of South Central Wisconsin
925 Lake St./P.O. Box 557
Baraboo, WI 53913

I really appreciate both of these responses....

Someone does "see it"...the connection....



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