Here it is 3:20 am and I am wide awake. I am not awake because I couldn't sleep last night, I am awake because I feel asleep around 5 pm last night. I have the virus from HELL! The kids have the virus from HELL! AND IT WONT GO AWAY!

This all started 2 weeks before Christmas as the head cold from Hell. Kyle missed close to an entire week of school the week before Christmas, and I was busier than heck the week of Christmas with Lend a Hand emergencies and articles for the paper ...all while having the cold from Hell -

At the time I thought...Great, well at least we're getting it over with before the holidays for once.

Oh I was sooo sooo wrong!

It never went away, and Christmas, while at the hotel, Justin started getting sick....

Since then it's been downhill.....

Both kids have had pinkeye ....

The first run to the doctor was with Kyle...strep throat was ruled out and we got drops for the pinkeye...that was three weeks ago.

Yesterday Justin went to the doctor...another test for strep, and now a test for Mono was done.

Well if it's not that then you guys must have caught back to back viral infections!

Right before I passed out last night, the doctor's office called and told us the Mono test came back did the strep.

Yeah, that's my luck - I can't win the lotto - that would be too damn easy! We win the VIRUSES FROM HELL in my house!

Now usually I handle being ill quite well - I am after all a pro.

With not having a spleen since I was 18 ...which weakens my ability to fight things off...and with being around little walking germ banks ....a.k.a children....since that time (first my nephews that lived with us, and now my own weapons of mass destruction) ... I tend to catch at least 2 colds each winter season.

Damn, I've even lived through and survived Chicken Pox at the age of 30!!!!

I can usually go about my business with no problem....I just carry those daytime formula cold capsules in my purse and off I go -


This time I want to crawl under a rock - no this time I want someone to drop a boulder on me and put me out of my misery!


I've been in a cold induced....Nyquil/Dayquil haze.. for over a month!

At first I was doing fine...I could answer all of my phones at once..the land line, the Lend a Hand cell phone, my cell phone, and still keep ahead of the emails and my work.... problem!!! I am a Mom ...we can do anything!

Who in the hell came up with that line of crap?

Why do I have to be able to do it all???

Why can't I just go to bed until I can lift my head again without it feeling like an exercise class?

Why can't someone bring me the soup?

The ginger ale?

Fluff my pillow?

Put another quilt on my bed?


Yesterday I wrote two articles for the being a rather controversial front page story that will have people talking....I mean after all how often does someone who is running for county supervisor end up having a restraining order against them being issued from a president of the board of a non profit that is funded by money from the county??

Yup, it was good one - and I got the scoop over the other media here in town...
It pissed off a couple of people I know because they are the main players...but news is news people! You can't sweep everything under the carpet!



Thankfully most of it came off of court documents rather than interviews......

Ok..I think I have vented enough about the VIRUS FROM HELL....

Time to wrap up in my quilt and watch some cable news.....I could use a good laugh!


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