Scenario -

An accident happens....a car hits a tree. The police are called. There are two people in the car. The driver was legally drunk - but the passenger said they weren't hurt badly and ask the police not to give the driver a DUI....The driver has a long record of driving drunk.."the law is the law" ...right? Police issue the driver a DUI...and rightfully so.

Then why when a husband with a long and known history of domestic violence convictions - beats and strangles a wife - is that not considered attempted murder? Does their marriage license trump the attempt to murder? And is it worthy of just a 500 dollar bail?

I'll never understand why Francesca Weber was killed when Steve Weber should have been sitting in jail awaiting trial rather than paying 500 dollars to get out and go on to finish the job.....

The tragic story May 20, 2009 The Verona Press

"According to the criminal complaint in that case, his teenage daughter woke to the sound of the struggle in another room and confronted her surprised father. After he let Francesca go, the complaint said, he found out that the police had been called and went "psycho," again choking her and then turning his rage upon his daughter, who had grabbed a fireplace poker to intervene.

The complaint said Weber struck his daughter twice with the poker, then kicked her in the stomach hard enough to make her vomit before walking outside with his dogs.

He allegedly set the dogs free to run at the arriving police, and one was fatally shot. Verona police Lt. Dave Dresser said the address had been flagged for an Officer Safety Alert because of threats Weber had made regarding the killing of police officers.

Three officers were on the scene when the dog was shot, and in an ensuing struggle, he grabbed the gun of one of the officers and had to be subdued with punches because the pepper spray was not effective.He was set free on bond after his initial appearance Jan. 5 on $500 cash bond, court records show, but things unraveled after that."



Gin said…
I know that I am reading what I am reading, but I honestly CAN NOT believe it. This is completely unacceptable! How can this happen in today's world!?!??!
Eva Marie said…
That's just it, and why I cannot seem to stop writing about this case...I think it really highlights the attitudes out there about domestic violence...and how so many turn their heads to the real threat that so many victims live with daily.

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