I'm Getting Redundant

Yup, I am...getting redundant that is. What a week!!!! Yet another week where..EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!!!!


Sunday: Strange email from someone that provided some clues to missing pieces of a puzzle...puzzle pieces that my gut had told me were true for a very long time. I wouldn't even no where to begin filling everyone in on that one...by the time you got done reading it you'd think I needed medication, and/or a padded room (come to think of it...maybe I do need them)

Monday: That Prince Charming I wrote about back in March...well, we're talking again....but there is still more to that one...and also with that good friend of mine in Oregon (confused, yet? - try being me the last couple of years! - it will be a bestseller by the time that last chapter is written!!! - Love Ameriken Style - The Twilight Zone Version...and no, that's not a misspelling of American - it is what it is!- buy the book!)

Tuesday: A day filled with a lot of smiles!

Wednesday: Things are falling in to place for me job wise...at least in the near future and by end of summer. Not only will it be a job, but my PASSION in helping other women find the road to freedom from abusive relationships. How cool is that one?!?!?!?! And..get this...my office will be less than a half mile from home.

And of course, that BEAUTIFUL Rainbow!!!!!!!

Thursday: Energy Fair is falling into place! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More things start to fall into place with what occurred on Sunday and Monday....hmmmmmmmmm...yup --- it's getting interesting!

Friday: My old writing job called me...the paper. Looks like they need me back...part time. It will supplement unemployment...it wont be a heck of a lot, but better than JUST unemployment...and by the time the other job kicks in by the end of summer...I'll be back to working two jobs...both doing something I love to do.

So to any bill collectors reading this...just hold off a few months, and you can start making those threats again!!!!!

See..................... Everything DOES Happen for a Reason.


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