If it weren't for them.........

Them...yes...my boys. I could be having a horrible day...week....one in which I feel like curling up and hiding under a quilt - but somehow, and eventually my boys will bring me out of that self defeating action, and cause a smile to creep across my face.

The last part of this past week has been one of those emotionally hard, depressing times. On top of dealing with that situation with my ex, Tim, there were problems with my car - the house - my bank account - and some other personal things, that really took hold and had me wishing I could just escape...run away, and never turn back to what has been my life these past few years.

To do that would mean I would have to make my way through the jungle of grass in my front yard, as my lawn mower is broke and the greenery is out of control!


I fell asleep Friday evening (actually the wee hours of Saturday morning) with tears hitting my pillow - and what seemed like minutes later...but actually was hours....I was awoken to a loud screech ....an Earth rattling scream -


I could hear Kyle running and cracking up as Justin chased him through the house.


Kyle then ran into my room, once again laughing so hard no sound was coming out of him. Finally, and just as Justin entered my doorway, Kyle managed to get out a sentence...

"It was only one, Mom - that's all!"

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I thought...

"One of what?"

To which Justin then waved his hand in front of my face, and said -

"He glued an artificial nail to me while I was sleeping!!!! I'm gonna kill him!"

Then I saw it...there on Justin's hand..waving brightly, like a flag....was a brightly painted artificial nail on his left hand..middle finger. Kyle must have found some old ones I had when I used them in an attempt to try to stop biting my nails...yes, a nervous habit of mine.

"The little twerp used SUPER GLUE!"

I couldn't help myself...I couldn't pretend (I've never been good at that)....I busted out laughing - Now I was laughing so hard barely any sound could be heard. HEY - IT WAS FUNNY!!!

So funny in fact, Justin even started to laugh.

It took a couple of hours but Justin did manage to get the nail off before we had to go out in public, and yes, Kyle lived another day!


Now what did I wake up to this morning?

"Hey Mom, get up!! Check this out!!!!!"

Yes, it was Kyle once again up to something.......

"I found some other glue that works!"

Uh-oh was all I could think as I tried to summon up the energy and courage to get out of bed.

"This is hysterical Mom...you gotta see it! I glued coins to the sidewalk outside, and people are walking by trying to pick them up!!!"

OH BOY!!!! Yes, my boys - if it weren't for them..............................


Just Be Real said…
Never a dull moment in your house Eva, huh? Love the superglue nail. Heard before with the old trick of gluing money to the ground. Ahhhh, glad some laughter entered your life over the weekend. Thank you for sharing dear one!
Lover of Life said…
LOL!!! You have to admit - it was funny! Thanks for this post - you made my day, and brought back memories of my girls when they were kids.

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