A timeout, kinda

Well I haven't written in a few days. I tend to go through streaks like that...one day all I can do is write...vent, and then other days words just don't come.

Over the past fews days I've tried to write.... Sat down with my cup of coffee, news in the background...all the elements I need to be creative but before I would know it I would be doing something else.

I have been busy with the Energy Fair I am volunteering to help organize. That's been an interesting trip. I did manage to get a barebones web site up, and also a myspace page for it: Local Energy Excellence Fair. Stop by if you can!

We did have some drama this weekend...the damn lawnmower died! Poor kids had to use the push mower on a very uneven yard....not to mention the grass has gotten too long. I am not sure what I am going to do about that. Pray for a drought? Last year when the now deceased lawmower first started acting up, we did use the weed whacker thing to cut grass...but then that died too.

I'll take pictures when I send the kids out there with scissors to cut the grass!

That pretty much summed up my weekend, and yesterday. Well kinda....

Someone has walked back into my life...although I am not sure he ever really left as I always felt him standing there on the sidelines...I don't want to write too much about that...not just yet...

What is kinda ironic is this morning I was looking for songs to put on the Energy Fair's myspace site. A friend suggested Carole King songs and I ran across one that I had never heard before....it actually brought tears to my eyes. This simple two minute song summed up how I have felt many a day over the last year or so....I think I have a new favorite.


Khris said…
I can only speak for me, of course. I kinda like the way that you write and am glad that you had something to share today. I look forward to your posts. The video was nice. Carole King is one of my favorite artists.
Just Be Real said…
Eva Marie, appreciate you coming on to post what you have. Take your time dear to share more later on. Blessings!

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