A glimpse inside with music

Today I added a playlist to my profile. All these songs have some meaning to me. The first song, "Remember the Tinman," is especially meaningful to me. While at first it may seem like a depressing song, it actually helped me to look within inside of myself....

When it came out back in the early 90's I was actively in the process of trying to understand my childhood, and working on healing from being molested. This song reflected all the questions I had inside me. I can remember playing it over and over....with tears streaming down my face.

I needed to hear the soft notes and lyrics - it helped to bring out all the emotions I had ignored for so long. All the pain I pretended wasn't there.

All the other songs on the list have meaning to me....some of good times, and some reflect times when I struggled with myself...my memories...

I have a friend who has a knack of communicating emotions he can't (for whatever reason) voice with music. The man is a walking jukebox....he can pull out a song and email a link to me that will capture whatever is going on in my life...or whatever he needs to tell me.

I love it when I get those emails first thing in the morning as I am waking up...it always puts a smile on my face.....sometimes while also pulling my hair out....

What music tells your story...shares your heart..your spirit?

As you can see mine is all over the place...ups...downs....sad....depressing, and uplifting.

And depending on my mood....the order will change.

Also please let me know if it bothers you as a reader to open this blog and hear the music.


Lemuel said…
Hola Eva, beautiful melodies, is the first thing that i can fell. I grew up listening music in english, and the most of cases don't understand the lyrics, without images, only music on the radio, but one thing was clear in my heart and my mind, the pleasure for the melodies. In the early of the 80's listened for first time the electronic music (Jean Michel Jarre), 12 or 13 years old may be. And that music clicked my heart, since those years i feel unique. The tennage memories (music) is the most preciate treasure for me, clasics, balads, pop, etc.
Right now the fell is so deep for me, because i am live alone. The tears appear many times, the melodies have always a connection with my first and unique love..my ex-wife. The music connect me with this world deeply, in special with my family (son, daugther, ex-wife, mother, some friend).
The dance 80's music make me happy
The electronic music, make me feel unique.
The balads, make me cry (like right now, listening your blog music), really beautiful melodies.
The classic, make me to love this world.
The Chilean music, make me love my country.
Just Be Real said…
Eve, it is good that you put up music that pertains to what you like and want to share with us all. I too always wonder if I should keep mine up and have it start right away, or give the option of people just clicking on a song if they want to hear it. I change my mind daily. Blessings.

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