Update (kinda) Nevaeh Buchanan

As of yesterday afternoon, the reward was increased to $20,000 -

We know this innocent child was willingly exposed to sex offenders by her mother...but one thing no one has pointed out is this child...this little girl who JUST turned 5 in Feb - WAS UNSUPERVISED while outside playing!!!!!



Gin said…
I see kids, and I mean LITTLE kids, in my neighborhood outside by themselves all the time. My kids are 10 and 8 and I still follow them around the block when they are riding their bikes. My husband tells me that I need to loosen up some, but there are just too many weirdos out there these days. I can't imagine a 5 year-old playing outside by herself. That poor child.
Gin said…
By the way I posted the pics of the kitty.
Eva Marie said…
Maybe I am over protective, but neither of my children played outside without some form of supervision until they were 9 - even then it was always with friends...the buddy system...still is - it's amazing to me how some parents don't have a clue where their kids are...

last week i am coming out of my bedroom and there's a strange child standing in my home...my 15 year old comes down and tells me "oh that's so and so"..."he likes to walk into people's houses"

I asked so and so how old he was and he told me 7 -

His mom knows he does this and finds it funny...

three times last week so and so walked into my home without knocking...just walked right in.

first time i ever saw the kid -


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