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I am frustrated! I have a morning ritual of watching cable news while I sip my coffee and check emails as I attempt to wake usually takes a while for that to happen. Plastered all over the news is the Bonnie Sweeten story...the one about the mom that faked a kidnapping...supposedly embezzled money and took her daughter to Disney World. Both the mom and daughter were found safe and sound...Bonnie is now sitting in jail and facing charges.

Sure, the story is heart goes out to the father - but at least he knows his daughter is alive, and hopefully mom gets the mental health treatment along with the consequence she deserves.

The thing that gets me is all concerned in this story ARE ALIVE...SAFE AND SOUND (well, kinda) ...but little 5 year old Neveah Buchanan from Monroe Michigan is STILL MISSING!!!!!!!
And has been since May 24th - and how do I know this??????

Well, it's not been from updates on the news....I've had to hunt the updates down on the other blogs....look for articles in the Detriot area newspapers.


Where are our priorities?

Is it the reality series "Get me out of here, I'm a celebrity."

As a former Illinoisian I must admit I get a chuckle out of the Blagojevich drama and Patti being on that show - nothing surprises this former activist from Cook County...home of deceased voters.

But C'mon......What about little Neveah - a beautiful little girl who is missing...a little girl who was willingly exposed to SEX OFFENDERS by her mother????? What about her???

Well, I plan on keeping the news and updates on her coming as I find them buried on the net...why updates are not part of the morning cable news shows is beyond me...

And again...once again I ask.....Someone tell my why ANY mother would expose her child to people like this???????

I did find this clip of a cable news coverage (YAY!) during one of those google searches...


Gin said…
Seems like everything is backwards in this world doesn't it? It makes no sense whatsoever.

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