Here We Go Again - Another Letter!

Here We Go Again! The letters continue.............

Last month I wrote about my ex husband who is in prison for domestic violence, and sexual assault against me, sending me letters. He is not to have contact with me. The only contact that has been allowed is with my youngest son, and only after my son's counselor approved it. The contact is to go through his probation and parole agent. Any letters my ex sends out is to be sent to her, she will scan it, and then she will send it on to my son.

There are some reasons for this. First being my eldest son wants no contact whatsoever - he is dealing with the after effects of watching his father hurting me, and suffers from PTSD. The letters that come from the prison are stamped as such - a big red stamp - and is a trigger for him.

Second reason is so that he doesn't try to communicate with me.

He has been warned, and warned.

Evidently that doesn't matter...because once again, he sent the letter for my son direct to the house and skipped mailing it first to the probation and parole officer.

It's a SIMPLE FRIGGING RULE!!!!!!!!!! It takes no extra effort to follow than not to follow it!!!!

I read the letter and he made sure not to mention my name nor my eldest son's name....but he did make an extra effort to stress that he has been working out, joined some running team where he runs at least 2 miles a day, and has added 20 lbs of muscle mass to his once toned 170 lbs 6' frame.

I read that and found myself wondering if that was in fact a subtle message for me for when he gets out in 2015...he will be bigger and stronger - and rules mean nothing to him.

Then I thought to myself I was being paranoid...allowing that fear he once instilled in me to take hold again.

I debated it over and over in my head.....I tend to do things like that ....

The bottom line is he willingly broke the rules ...yet month after he was warned not to... and for a reason.

So, yes, Monday morning I will most likely be making a trip to the probation and parole office ............

Will this ever end?

I don't know...but I do know I need to keep moving forward with my life, and keep moving forward in trying to make those in power truly aware of what is needed to make a dent in a problem that exists in so many many children's lives..that will in fact harm future generations if we do not address it now - sticking these sick minds in prison without the mental health and rehabilitation services they need....IS NOT THE ANSWER - it only feeds it.


Khris said…
Again I am so sorry that you are going through something that should not be happening. I think you being wise in going to the parole and probation office. If you do not get the desired results then perhaps a phone call to one of your state representatives would do the trick. You take care Eva Marie try not to let this get you down.
Eva Marie said…
Thank you for the care in your comment...

I'm not really down about it, it just gets frustrating at times.

I'll make it through's just getting people to understand that by not treating the underlying mental health condition of some offenders - and without providing real rehab for's like putting someone with cancer into a hospital room, and telling them just by being there they will get just doesn't work
Just Be Real said…
Eve, I am so very sorry that you have to be going through this. I can read that it is not very pleasant for you dear one.

((((safe hugs))))
Eva, yes your fears may be influencing your thinking and at the same time, don't discount your gut feelings about this. Do what is necessary to protect you and your children from further abuse by this man. He is manipulating you and the rules. Don't let him get away with it now or he will do worse when he is out of prison. You and your children deserve to feel safe.

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