V.I.N.E...does your county have it?

This week I've been busy attending a conefernce on sexual assault - indepth workshops for those that work with victims...law enforcement, advocates, health care professionals, prosecuters...etc..

Some pretty heavy duty topics are covered, but they need to be.

One breakout session I attended yesterday dealt with an automated system that would notify victims (and others...actually anyone in the community) when an offender is released from county jails ....even when bond has been posted.

Wisconsin has recieved a grant to set-up this system in all of it's counties...but of course that also means the county must be willing, and approve it.

This system is used all across the country...

The workshop was an introduction to the system and an attempt to reach out to professionals to help advocate for it in their county.

Below is a video about the system , and just how it all began and all the benefis it can provide victims.......

Find out if your county has it!!!! Make those calls!!!! and if they don't...ask - I why??? I know I will be making those calls!


Gin said…
We have it. I had never heard about it until an incident with my husband. I think it's awesome. Every county and every state should have it!

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