Blow the whistle - Justice for Nevaeh - take my personal challenge!!!!

When tragedy happens we can either turn our eyes away from it, or learn from it. If you've been reading my blog then you know how deeply Nevaeh Buchanan's story - her unsolved murder - has touched me.

For those who don't know.........

 It has been two years since her little 5 year old body was found face down in a shallow grave -a grave she was placed in and cement was poured over her little body - while, they believe, she may have still been alive as her lungs inhaled the dirt she was buried in. Her killer is still out there - among our children, somewhere.

Yes, a tragedy that brings tears to my eyes still today as I write this - it kills me to think justice has alluded her. So what can be learned from all of this? How can her memory help others other than stabbing ache at the heart for a child who was so violently taken from this world?

The answer is her memory we all do whatever we can to protect all children - One way you can start is taking part in the Whistle Safety Program - <<--  after you finish reading about my personal challenge...follow that link and learn how you can attain a free whistle from a site dedicated to Justice for Nevaeh - on there you will read about the program (see below) - but while your on that site ...stay a why the site even exists ...

Now, even though the site is giving away free whistles I have a challenge for all of you - contact the  businesses in your community - tell them about the Whistle Safety Program  - see if they would donate to purchase whistles for every child in your community - collect those donations - partner up with the schools...churches....daycare centers...and arm every child in your community with a whistle and knowledge - EMPOWER them - educate the parents - get everyone in your community talking about and focused on protecting our future....our children - THEN take pictures..videos....document all those efforts and email them to me  and I will put them all together in a video for the prevention of child abuse...child abduction..and child sexual assault - We can do this together for Nevaeh and all the other children who have suffered in silence!!!!!!

Email me at - 

Here's what they have on that program;

  The Whistle: A Universal Safety Tool
With summer vacation right around the corner, the amount of time our kids will spend outside will obviously increase.  Justice for Nevaeh wants to help ensure the safety and well-being of these children by arming them with a simple whistle. In many instances, calling attention to a potentially bad situation can be the best defense against it. Consider the car alarm. It’s true that we hear so many car alarms going off nowadays that an actual burglary rarely enters our minds. But the would-be burglar probably sees the situation differently. The sound of the alarm presents the risk of being caught which may be enough to thwart the crime.
The whistle is also an effective way to locate a lost or injured child. Screams don't always carry. But a blast from a whistle does! So whether your kids are at home, on the way to a friend’s house, or somewhere in the middle of the wilderness, if they feel threatened, or are hurt or lost, tell them to Blow the Whistle!  (A limited number of free whistles are available.  To get one for your child, email your name and address to


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