Ladies - this post is for you -

Ladies - this post is for you -

You know who you are, 
the woman who keeps moving forward - on up -  though that escalator is moving down. 
You're the wife with a life of your own, the glue which keeps your partnership strong - 
You're the single mom who knows the value of  "quality" time with your children over "quantity"  -
You may be that woman who has no need for an "I do"
But no matter what...
  You're that woman when told "no" you take it as an invitation to... "the party's ON!" 
There's no need for you to gossip and undermine other females - 
You stand strong on your own - 
Their sorrows don't complete your tomorrows...
Their failures are not the foundation for your success...
The reflection in your mirror exclaims "I can" 
The tone in your voice proclaims "Here I am!"
The softness of your embrace comforts ...
The drive in your dedication gives hope..
The tear in the corner of your eye heals 
You're the mother to our sons
A mentor to our daughters
You may be one of the faithful
Or perhaps your higher power is here on Earth
You may vote red - you may vote blue - 
wherever you place that mark.. in your heart its true! 
You make no excuses for who you are...
You take credit for your mistakes
No matter what, you're never fake! 
Your dreams keep your heart a flutter
Your charm melts the heart of a confident man like butter - 
The weak will never understand you - 
The meek may fear you - 
The insecure may attempt to control you..
The jealous want to own you...
To them you pay no heed 
You live your life with purpose
You ARE a strong woman -indeed! 

OK - I feel better now - do you?


Beautiful verse and I could stay here all day listening to those songs.
Thanks for reminding us of our strength!

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