Charges filed against members in an international child porn ring

Well, I guess it's time again - time again to write about one of those sick bastards whose diseased mind has not only harmed one child's life, but many-  Robert Diduca. Now I should start off by stating he is only charged with these acts of depravity and hasn't yet been convicted in the eyes of the law however he is currently facing state and federal charges - 

According to reports, forty-seven year old Diduca came to the attention of authorities after sending a pornographic image containing a child straight to an agent working for the Homeland Security Investigations Department - a brainiac this guy is not -. 

Homeland Security notified the Massachusetts State Police of the crime, and they arrested Diduca at his Millford home - after a search of the home and his computers they found over 10,000 images of child porn - Now let me be clear - when you read those number try to imagine just how many children were harmed in creating those pictures...imagine how many children HAD THEIR TOMORROWS ever changed as their INNOCENCE was being ripped from them - then imagine some sick bastard getting pleasured by viewing the scenes. 

Have that image in your head? Now try to imagine this - one of those pictures was of a TWO YEAR OLD BOY BEING SEXUALLY ASSAULTED! Sick bastard is a compliment when compared to what I'd much rather be typing right now. 

Well if you can call it good, some good has come out of this - investigators traced those pictures back to Amsterdam. Amsterdam officials released a picture to the media (of the child's face) - Someone recognized the child and contacted the authorities.  That communication has led to a 27 year old man from Amsterdam,  Robert Mikelsons who has since CONFESSED TO ABUSING DOZENS OF CHILDREN AT THE TWO day care centers HE WAS EMPLOYED AT. 

Mikelsons, another sick bastard (obviously) saw money in his twisted mind's crimes - he offered his child rapist services on internet websites and message boards.  So, let's get this straight - let's not sugarcoat this - in other words  Mikelsons was out there saying basically "you pay me to rape a kid and I'll document it with a picture"  - want a barf bag now? 

OOOOHHHHH - but this gets sicker!  Mikelsons was a KNOWN offender prior to working in those day care centers - his candy store.  You see he had been found guilty already of possessing child porn, but it was in another country, Germany.  So what did he do - he moved, and his record stayed behind.  Happens  all the time folks.  That move provided him with a clean slate to get clearance to work in those day care centers - 

Now, breath Eva - ok, I know there are discrepancies in laws and who should register as a sex offender -every state is different in their laws as what constitutes a sex crime against a child.  Many registries are filled with young men who have been charged after sleeping with their willing teen-aged girlfriend. We hear those stories all the time about a 18 or 19 year old being charged when the girl he was dating was just a few years younger.  Combine incidents like that with an angry parent, and a gun ho attention seeking DA, then we have a mess and lives are ruined.  This country needs to start having an open discussion about these issues - the stories need to come forward BECAUSE ...

Because,  we need to get a handle on crimes against children.  It needs to be fair and just. We need to hold real offenders ...predators...accountable. And, we need to do it on the world's stage.  These pedophile slimy twisted minds don't have borders, especially now with the internet. The act of willingly seeking out children to rape so they can document it and sell the images and video is probably one of, I take that back...IS THE SICKEST CRIME against a child I can imagine. 

Furthermore,  I am all for rehabilitation - but I believe in my core that offenders such as these cannot be rehabilitated ... short of a lobotomy .  Once known there should be no more chances to offend -  Let's find the remotest ...most isolated location we possibly could - and then throw all the World's child sex predators - THE REAL TWISTED MINDS - there and let them devour each other and call it a day. 

This PSA is disturbing, but truth often is - 


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