The Glamorous they tell me..

Ahh, yes - life being a reporter in rural USA's the glamorous life - that's what I am told.  I always have to chuckle a bit when someone suggests that to me.  Those comments usually come after they ask me what I do for a living and I offer the means of my employment.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. Sure I wish I made more money, who doesn't? But, there's nothing to replace that feeling you get when you know someone is clipping something out of the paper and your name is on the byline. Especially when it's a grandmother saving a picture or article of one of their grandchildren.

I've been with the paper now for almost five years - since the very month I filed for my divorce. We're a small independent paper. A last of a dying breed. There are no corporate offices unless you count  the basement of one of the owners.  We do have a storefront office in the county we serve - but much of the work is done outside of it...on the road or in our homes.

For instance I work out of my home and do my best to cover half of the county. We all pitch in where it is needed - we all live and spend our lives here in the county we write about. Often I am pulling a double duty when I am at a function my children may be in - out comes the camera and the writing pad.

Then there is the work beyond what my official title of reporter is....sometimes it's needed for me to make sales calls...and then once a week I meet one of the owners at an undisclosed location (a gas station) to pick up bundles of papers to be delivered to newsstands in my home town - sometimes, like today, I deliver them to my side of the county ('s MY side!) A trip that takes over three hours..a hundred miles of driving and about 30 bucks in gas to make.

At least I don't have to stuff the inserts into the paper at the press - that's torture - good enough for one of the owners to do ya, Dianna!

I do have to admit there is something quaint about the way our independent paper operates and all the various   duties we all have despite our official titles. Our little dysfunctional family puts out a good product that this community has supported in a time when other papers....even those corporate owned giants..have failed.

Today I was reminded of that as I drove through the county...delivering the papers.  As always, Mindy my dog, wouldn't let me leave the house without her. She knows when it is delivery day and she very stubbornly positions herself in front of the door so I HAVE to get the leash and place it on her to get her to move.

Almost always one of my children comes with me for the trip ...usually it is Justin, but today Kyle was home and begged to go because for some odd reason he thinks it's "cool"!

Driving I was reminded why tourists love to spend their summer vacations in a place like here. I use to be one of those tourists who would get enchanted by the countryside....the way time  had seem to stand still...a welcome retreat after leaving in a concrete jungle like Chicago where a 10 mile trip took half an hour rather than 10 minutes (shhh...don't tell anyone...I have a lead foot)

Where places such as Maggie's in Camp Douglas is the grocery store to pick up something for dinner:

Or where the drive out to one little out of the way gas station and  store means driving along Buckhorn Bridge and taking in this scenery: 

Or where the happenings inside the car on the little excursion in delivering papers is a reason to smile and laugh - such as Kyle below refusing to give up the front seat to Mindy - who thinks it's her throne:

Yes, today Kyle held out for well over 75 miles...Mindy did her best to get that seat - the sad look, the puppy dog eyes - the useless attempts of trying to crawl onto his lap so she could throw her head out the open window - her 90lbs on his lap...well, he was having nothing to do with it! But, he finally gave in - when were on our last leg of the trip - the last 30 or so miles of driving and Mindy had her doggy heaven!

Ahh, yes...the glamorous they tell me...........


Looks pretty nice to me. I love community newspapers and spent my life writing or at least copy-writing for many. Usually they stuck me in sales because of my penchant for conversation and probably my restless desire to get out of the office. I'm not complaining and I don't think you are either.
Eva Marie said…
Working for the paper has given me a freedom that many single moms don't have - I am present for my children, even during work hours - that's a gift all on it's own

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