Propane - Still an issue

Propane- in the last few weeks I've noticed that the posts I've written on propane, namely Inergy Propane, have been getting a lot of hits from people searching Google on price gouging. First, let me apologize that there's not much I can do other than to say I'm sorry I can not do more - but, I fear with the way things are being governed in certain states right now - well, simply said, you're screwed.

There's a tight knit bunch operating things right now and while they may call it capitalism I see it more as robbing the hand that feeds them - and that would be all of ours- tax payers. As I wrote before we know that the vast majority of propane users are rural. In those rural areas the elderly and poverty stricken are a main thread of the fabric in the community. It goes hand in hand with rural life.

This means some are most likely on Social Security - or SDI and/or other forms of assistance. Many others are considered the working poor - the type of person who puts in over 40 hours of work for a less than living wage - a less than living wage that may be considered good money where they live because it's a dollar more than minimum wage (the going rate of pay) ....but truth is it still can place them under that poverty line and they can't adequately feed and cloth their families - and that roof over their heads is hanging on a string.

They most likely visit that food pantry in the winter because what money they may have is dedicated to staying warm - they may also be on food stamps and more likely than not receive federal and state energy assistance funds. They are surviving on all the things others judge them for - others complain shouldn't exist - others bitch and moan that they don't want their tax dollars supporting "those type of people."

Really? But let's look at where those dollars - that assistance money.. ends up going - well those energy assistance funds get paid directly to the companies many of you complain are price gouging- those government dollars pay for those higher prices to the companies you're researching - those same companies that hire lobbyists to seduce the elected officials into keeping propane unregulated - they hate red tape.

Those lobbyists are often on double duty fighting to keep unions out of the workplace, and keeping that minimum wage low so that those elderly and the working poor keep needing that assistance which in the long run pays for everyone else's vacation on a beach somewhere where there are no taxes. Right Brandon? I know you're reading, lol.

Yes, they are the lobbyists that represent that giant propane company...and those grocery stores that accept those food stamps and then also the entire whole lot who fight against the mere concept of people like you and me earning a living wage. THAT CANNOT BE!! (sarcasm, folks)

In the end they are the ones really living off of assistance dollars - those government entitlements that tend to feed the cycle of poverty - the poor - especially in the rural areas. The poor are just a vehicle - a depository that's always there for the funds when they want them -

It's smoke and mirrors - it's like that abusive husband that beats the crap out of his wife - tell's her she's worthless and will never amount to something but just as she is about to wake up he charms her back to the dream state with promises of a better life - sends her flowers - he doesn't want her empowered - independent on her own -because without her ...he's nothing but an ass on his own.

There's my morning lesson on capitalism in America - or rather capital lobbyism - because that's what it truly is.

As for the propane my only advice at this time is call every company in your area! Find out the rates - ask about that contract - is it a bait and switch - do they get you in at a low price to gouge you 6 months later? If they aren't answering your direct questions, then they shouldn't get your business! And WRITE!!! SPEAK OUT!!! Call the media in your community if you have a story about being gouged! Write your legislators - Don't shut up even if they don't listen - keep talking ...keep researching - and most importantly never give up - it's the only way to survive.

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Oh, and for the record - I am not a propane consumer - never have been but I have been someone who has listened to widowed elderly women cry and sob because they were afraid they couldn't keep their homes if they had to pay those higher than normal prices - I've helped families - those working poor try to stay warm in the winter months -

shame on you know who you are.

PS - I am working on making sure that the Adsense ads on this blog are not propane ads - if ya see one - run the other way


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