Why so many........??

"Why are there so many sex offenders in the paper?," is a question I often receive from readers - and yes, I admit that just about every week in this little community there's another article on yet another case involving an alleged sex offender - my only response is..."Shouldn't the question be...Why are there so many sex offenders in our community?"  Maybe there always has been, but FINALLY justice is being sought in ways like never before - shouldn't that be considered a good thing?

Believe me when I tell you I do not enjoy covering these cases - reading the criminal complaints - seeing the victims - it is disturbing, each and every one - each one - each case - no matter the outcome - is a story of lives forever changed - The lives of the victims, their families and even the lives of the families of the accused. And yes, there are times the innocent have been wrongly accused but even if they are acquitted ...the charge..that claim will follow them everywhere.

As disgusting as sex crimes are we all need to get over the word "Sex" and see the crime for the violence it is. Yes it is uncomfortable to think about sexual assaults - especially ones that are perverse and filled with fetishes that would make most adult men squirm.

Last week in this county we had someone who was already up on current child sexual assault charges, be charged with another child sexual assault, Daniel Coughlin - I did not go to that hearing, but read the  reports afterwards and I must admit I wanted to vomit when I read about the testimony - testimony that another reporter detailed in their article...and one that has caused a community outcry because of the graphic picture that came alive with the words reported.

It dealt with a now adult male who claimed Coughlin abused him when he was a child and did so in a perverse  twisted way that supposedly included bestiality - every detail ...reported.

Now, first I must say while I am outraged, my outrage comes from a different place - first the alleged crime itself - if true - there should be a special place filled with torture for any criminal who would do such a thing to another person, especially a child.

And then, I am outraged that male victims are treated with less respect than female victims - they are often re-victimized in a community in ways I as a female will never know firsthand.  Seriously...read the link to the article and then ask yourself when was the last time you saw an alleged female's graphic details of their testimony spelled out like that?

Is it because of the male on male crime? That taboo?

Well, that is last week's story - this week, today actually - I went to cover a bond hearing for yet another accused child molester - someone who according to the criminal complaint, confessed to raping two little girls - two little girls under the age of 12 - it was violent in nature and ongoing

Reading the complaint.... those dirty little graphic details .... after sitting in court next to someone close to the victims and the accused and listening to their pain - well, needless to say tears came to my eyes and tonight all I could think about was those two little girls - who just as recently as Father's Day were sexually assaulted... allegedly, that is.  Yes, just this past Sunday  -on a day set aside to celebrate men and their roles as fathers.

This evening, and after spending time with my sons, I went about my normal routine of checking my emails and getting ready to do some work, and that is when  I found myself thinking about those little girls....and the little girls before them that I've been privy to their cases. ...

The following poured out of me as I sat in front of my computer  -

Little Girl
by Eva Marie Woywod

I see you sitting alone, with the world shut out
I know the pain you're feeling, what the silent tears are about
There's hole deep in you that only you know is there
Sadly, young, you learned that life can be so unfair

Little girl -please don't worry.. don't you cry
Your heart on that night, trust me, it didn't die

He came to you in the dark ...the still of the night
He was not after you ..it was your sweet young innocent light
Little girl it's not your fault ..his mind is twisted ..it's unfit
It's his crime not yours.. that he did commit

Little girl- please don't worry, don't you cry
One day dreams will soar...and above this you will fly

Your life will move on..tomorrows will always be there for you
Feel your pain now but get ready for your life to be renewed
Reach deep into that dark and start filling it with dreams and hope
Trust in yourself - love your reflection, this how you will cope


Little girl -please don't worry.. don't you cry
Your heart on that night it didn't die
Little girl- please don't worry, don't you cry
One day  dreams will soar...and above this you will fly

Surviving is the path to one day actually being and  living free
And after you know that in you is all the pure love you will ever need
One day you will see her, sitting alone with that far off stare
A look you will know, and remember the day you thought life was unfair

Tell her...

Little girl -please don't worry.. don't you cry
Your heart on that night it didn't die
Little girl- please don't worry, don't you cry
One day  dreams will soar...and above this you will fly


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