Manhunt for Bret Lee Thompson continues - possible sighting in Louisiana

The man hunt for Bret Lee Luckett Thompson is still on - Thompson is the main suspect in the abduction and sexual assault of an 8 year old Denver girl - The depraved crime happened last Thursday and this past weekend a warrant was issued for Thompson -

The little girl was able to give detailed accounts of her abuser which led to authorities pinpointing the focus on Thompson -

The latest news is that Thompson may have been sighted in New Iberia, Louisiana - there is footage showing a man fitting his description was seen on a surveillance tape swiping the purse of a woman at a bar. Typical scummy behavior of  a desperate creep .

Thompson is 27 years old...and around 6 feet tall, weighing 190 pounds, with short, brown hair and green or hazel eyes -He is also known to go by the name of Wyatt Thompson - Bret Luckett or any combination of the names stated.

Face the music, Thompson - If your not guilty - be a man - If you're guilty may the bayou swallow you whole! Not that I really mean that - I'd much rather you be paraded in front of the news cameras, and shown cowering in court out of fear of what's going to happen to you once you hit that prison and meet your "cellies"  -     I hear they just LOVE your type!

Sorry to my readers - spent the day writing about suspected creeps like this at my regular job - it's repulsive to know there are so many of them and so few resources for victims after the court hearing end  - justice is rarely served in court - it comes during the after the  path of surviving the entire process -

All that said, that little girl who survived that horrid attack is one strong soul - everyone who has met her since has spoken about her courage - one day she will be one of those who help others find their way after a creep robs them of their innocence.

Anyone with information on Thompson’s location is asked to contact local authorities, the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000 or CrimeStoppers at 720-913-7867. A reward of up to $12,000 is being offered for information leading to Thompson’s arrest and conviction

And - wouldn't it be nice that the person who does find him donates that reward to a organization that helps victims - hint, hint!


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