It's worth a is after all surreal, no?

A while back, actually almost a year and a half ago, I purchased the domain name
When I did I had plans to create a website featuring attractions in our area here in Juneau County, WI.  And yes, I wanted to make some money while doing it  - let's be honest.

Well, life got busy - Lend a Hand and volunteering for it, among some other dramas and not to mention work, all got in the way of me moving forward with it - plus, there was another reason - my fear of failure.

So here I've been...treading water, and barely keep my head above it while I was fearing failure - yeah, doesn't make sense, eh? That's what I said - how can I be this advocate for everyone else but allow myself to fall at the same time because I am too damn busy taking care of everything and everyone else - ?

So --- as you may have been able to tell, the last week or so I have been moving forward on quite a few things for myself - branching off and actively promoting myself as a freelance writer - creating another blog/website that shows the ...hmm...ok..that softer, less rock like, side of me -  ( I admit it--there's a softy inside of me) and now I am moving forward with the Juneau County Online - hell, might as well since I've been paying for the domain being registered 2 years in a row.

Besides, highlighting the area, the businesses that cater to tourists, and some extra special other things - well, it's good for everyone in this economy. Getting people to stay here - or spending some time here while they are on their way through the state means in the long run more money flowing through the county, which then means more jobs (hopefully) and then less phone calls to Lend a Hand ...hence less volunteer time on my part being needed - and just maybe ...just maybe...enough income on my end to be free - be free of needing any government assistance -free of debt...and... free to actually day...have a getaway weekend or week with my children.  It's been over 6 years since we've had that. Too long - Justin will be 18 this summer - I'd like to give him at least one memory of the three of us ...him, his brother, and I having some fun and time away -  we all deserve that -it's long overdue.

So, take a look at my latest endeavor - I've been at it now for just a few days and it seems to be getting a positive reaction from people.

Right now the latest post on there is a promotion of some local talent in the area who is starting to make a name for himself on the country music scene in Nashville as a new artist.  Some of you may recall me writing about a fundraiser and awareness event I attended last November that benefited Lend a Hand - It was called "Night without a Home"   - an event where those who participated spent the night out in the cold, sleeping in boxes -

My Night without a Home box given to me by  Matt
My box was a refrigerator box - and one that just so happened to be given to me from a local furniture store owner here in town - Matt Litty - the same person that I just highlighted on Juneau County Online for making waves in Nashville - yeah, life can be surreal at times - ya just can't make this stuff up!

I should have kept the damn thing -I might have been able to Ebay in 20 or so years for a pretty penny! LOL!!!

Anyway - take a look at where this man's life is heading - and then also take a look at Juneau County Online  - it was worth a just never know what's next, at least you never will unless you try.............................


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