I Blame it All on Spring.........

I blame it all on spring..

The first part of this week I have spent every evening at a meeting volunteering or venting (sometimes both), while the days have been spent job hunting and trying to figure out ways I can earn a living working from home if I have to. Plus of course there was that situation with those blood sucking ...carpet bagging ...bottom of the barrel... pond scum... bill collectors. Yeah, I guess you could say I've been a little stressed out.

So when I noticed the beautiful spring day we were having here today in Wisconsin, I decided it was the perfect time....perfect day...to take the boys out for a picnic dinner and do so at one of my favorite places to go...by a local lake; Buckhorn.

My youngest son, Kyle, came home from school and I surprised him with the news. Even my usually "I hate nature" teenager, Justin, was excited at the thought. So we packed up the car with some goodies and off we went.

There's something about water that totally relaxes me no matter what situation I maybe experiencing at the time. Just being by it...listening to it...watching it...brings me back down to Earth, and I can relax while erasing my mind of the worries I may have.

When we got to the lake immediately Kyle took off exploring all the surroundings. Justin stayed by me gabbing away, telling me about all his friends and what they do....and then of course reminding me that he is old enough for a driving permit. Once he started on that topic he wouldn't stop..."But Mom, all my friends have one......" "Don't you trust me Mom?" ....etc..etc..etc..

I love Justin dearly and I know this is what he wants more than anything in the world, but I also know one of us wouldn't survive those first few times behind the wheel learning....and it would probably be me who would die from the nervous breakdown the minute his foot hit the gas.

While Justin ate his 4 sandwiches and in between his yapping, I managed to take some pictures and watch Kyle get lost in his exploration. I took notice at the fact the boys and I have a very close relationship, and they still enjoy doing these simple little things with their mother.

The breeze off the lake was a bit chilly still, but a reminder that soon it would be a welcomed one once the heat of summer hits and rather than sitting by the lake, the kids and I will be swimming in it.

It was there that I decided on the way home we would stop at the self serve car wash and remove the bird droppings that had changed the color of my 1995 green Dodge to a polka dotted eye sore. Kyle, of course, was thrilled at the idea as it meant he also got to soak Justin and I with the water spray.

We took our leave from the lake and made our way back into town and to that car wash. First we stopped outside of the bay to empty out all the trash that had been deposited in the back seat. It was then that Justin begged...pleaded...begged....urged....begged...me to let him just drive the car into the bay. "Come on Mom, it's only a few feet, nothing will happen.....there's no cars around ...we're here alone."

While I was listening to his pleadings, inside my head I was measuring the distance and the length of time he would be behind the wheel. That spring breeze by the lake must have blown out all my common sense, because before I knew it, I said yes.

"Mom, he will Kill us!"...screamed Kyle.

"Shut up you little twerp"...responded Justin.

"I'm not getting in that car"...said Kyle.

I will not go into details about the next two minutes....but I will say there was me screaming...."BRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!" as I saw a wall of cinder blocks getting closer and closer...... and with my heart pounding out of my chest- "Whew, that was a close one!" was all I could think. Justin was grinning ear to ear saying, "Wow, that was cool!"

We made it home with a clean car and luckily not one accident and no dents...oh and me behind the wheel...

As we got near our driveway, Kyle asked if he could drive the car into the driveway..."It's only a few feet Mom."

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND???????? " I screamed as I pulled into the drive.

Yup, I blame it all on spring.........................................................

Below are some pictures I took this evening of our little picnic by the lake............


Anonymous said…
it will be something you all will remember for a lifetime
Eva Marie said…
yes, it will be a memory I will recall, vividly, each and every time he asks for the keys to the car.
Just Be Real said…
Eva, sweet pictures!
Glad your children were excited enough to encourage the picnic also by the lake on the beautiful spring day in WI. For at least a short time, your problems were subsided. Blessings and thank you so much for sharing!

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