The Kitchen Kicked My Keister!

"Light Pistachio, Mom!! That's the color we should do the kitchen in!"

Kyle was filled with so much enthusiasm as we stood in Walmart picking out paint colors (a second week in a row). His excitement spilled over to me, and "Yes, you're right Midget (my pet name for him)!!! That is what we should's pretty!"

We were feeling pretty darn proud of ourselves on the trip home. We've been working so hard in redoing our home. Last weekend was the living, and bathroom....this weekend was going to be the kitchen. That ugly 70's paneled kitchen. That HUGE eyesore of a room that is suppose to be the heartbeat of our home.

It had to be all that damn NyQuil I chugged all week, but something had definitely made me lose my fuggin mind!!!

What the hell was I thinking!

Two coats of primer....two coats of Kilz Casual Colors and you can still see that paneling...that UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH paneling.

Did I mention that the children disappeared during the FIRST coat of primer!!!!!!!!!!! See Justin in the picture? See that smile?? He left after I took the pic!!!

My kitchen looks like a mint sundae has exploded all over the walls.

Actually right now it's not even finished...I should be in there attempting to "fix" all my mistakes.

I just can't!

I can't even think about rolling another coat!

I don't care there's "light pistachio" globs on my kitchen floor!

My house is torn up from taking everything out of the kitchen to paint....children have completely disappeared....the dog is being my shadow and has green highlights in his fur.....and it's Sunday....isn't that suppose to be a day of rest?????

I started this project yesterday, and worked it until about 12:30 a,m. I fell asleep with paint still on blotches all over me. I had a really cool dream about Extreme Makeover Home Edition surprising me with a new home...the entire town was there, and I was happy to see them all (like I was a dream!) Oh...and Ty Pennington was MUCH better looking in that dream!!!!

I NEED MORE NYQUIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**** Children have appeared, and want FOOD!!! Go figure!!!!

(4 hours later)

Ok..I took a deep breath...ran to the store...made dinner...fixed mistakes in the kitchen, and have decided that I can live with it (for now) does have a country charm to it....did I mention I am getting kinda sick of the country?


Just Be Real said…
Hey you,a/k/a me, how does the walls look today? I gather you slept well also!
Eva Marie said…
LOL...sorry about the "me"..I changed it back to the real "me",,lol!

The walls are growing on me. It was very bright and cheery in there this morning...a nice change.

The cabinets are going to be my next project - they need to be white, and right now they reminders of that paneling..UGH!!
Just Be Real said…
Sounds like you are making some progress Eva! Keep it going!

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