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Yesterday I read on a message board about a site called Wish Upon a Hero. A woman on that message board spoke how she found the site, and posted about a surgery she needed but couldn't afford due to lack of insurance. She went on to tell how a doctor had contacted her and told her he would do the surgery at no cost. She wanted to spread the word, and pay her good luck forward in hopes that others will go there and help those in need.

This intrigued me, especially since earlier in the week I had that situation with the bill collectors, and in my own frustration Googled "need money." When I did that I found sites that charged people to list their heartaches, and requests. Sites making money off of other people's despair.

Timing off all of this is something, huh?

Anyway...I went to the site expecting to see yet another site making money off of people in need - guess I am getting cynical. To my surprise I found something else. There's no fee to join was the first thing I noticed. Then after reading some of the wishes I saw that people were mainly looking for support in ways that tells them they are not alone in this world....wanting cards for loved one that are ill...prayers for their families...and sometimes gifts for their children who have gone without for a long time. There were some requests for help in paying bills so electricity wouldn't be shut off...and some other financial help requests.

Grantees of the wishes can choose to grant the entire wish, or take part in a partial support...even just a dollar if that's all they can do.

What stood out the most to me was the communication and empathy that was shared among all those that post on the site. It all felt genuine...sincere....all the stories...all the wishes...and especially all the support given.

Before I knew it I signed up and granted a few wishes myself. Simple gestures of sending a card to someone ill, or an email in support of something else. I donated a dollar to a fund to help a disable woman get her car repaired so she could rebuild her life after leaving an abusive situation.

Then I even submitted a wish on behalf of Kyle, my 10 year old who will be 11 at the end of the month. All he wants for his birthday is a new bike. The one he had he pieced together from a few other broken bikes, and it fell apart on him just a couple of weeks ago...and after I bought all that paint for the house. What I spent on paint, which wasn't much, could have bought that cheap bike on sale he pointed out to me last weekend. I felt horrible that I couldn't promise him the $65.00 bike for his birthday - but we sat in a kitchen that was newly painted. Guilt still is eating at me on that one.

I'm not sure nor am I expecting the wish to be granted....but I am glad I found that site. It's more than an internet site where people post their heartaches...it's a community of support. Sometimes people just share their well wishes....and in the world we live in today, where strangers on the street pass by without a "hello" or even a look in the eye....where many families are going through the same scenarios of economic need, and isolation.....it's nice to know there's somewhere people can go even if it's just to say "Hi, you're not alone."

Wish Upon a Hero - check it out!

If you join, send me a note ...my profile can be found at: ReallyTrying

I plan on at least once a week sending out a card to grant someone's wish...join me in that!


A little update in case people want more background on this site: (I don't blame you...I tend to trust VERY little)

Avoid Scammers on Wish Upon a Hero
Wish Upon a Hero has taken off in popularity. With that increase in members comes an increase in scammers. Here are some tips to protect yourself.


Just Be Real said…
How interesting. In this day and age of scams. I only can ask that your wishes do come true Eva. Blessings.
Eva Marie said…
I thought so too...i am a cynical one, you can believe that!

but information provided by people on that site can be verified, and should prior to giving.

there was one women who needed money to help get her husband buried - and people checked up on it with the furneral home...listed all the info..

my dreams are simple...to keep moving forward.
Eva Marie said…
I am amazed!! Someone on Wish Upon A Hero has offered to grant my son's birthday wish - AMAZING!!!

We will pay it forward!!!!

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