I love Wisconsin ??? huh...did I say that?

If you read my earlier blog today you would know I was somewhat ticked off by a collection agency. I wasn't mad that they called me, I know I owe the debt. I was upset by the way they treated me. It brought out that advocate in me...the one that will never allow anyone to ever think they can verbally abuse me ever again....and yes, the claws came out.

Not only did I file a complaint with the Jacksonville area BBB, but I also filed an online complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions -Bureau of Consumer Affairs against Kellar King and Associates, and their illegal debt practices.

Now when I was doing this I thought the process would take a long time...I mean it is a government agency!

I was shocked...stunned...SPEECHLESS when within less than 2 hours of me clicking the submit button on the complaint form, I received an email from Mr. Michael Lawton, a Compliance Officer, requesting that I contact him at my earliest convenience regarding the complaint and possible resolutions.

Amazing, huh?

When I called him, Mr. Lawton was very personable and friendly. He went over my complaint, and what the debt collections laws are. He told me he would be contacting the firm, but wanted to speak to me first on what relief I would want to see happen. I decided that I didn't want the Kellar King firm to contact me again, especially not by phone.


Now of course I still owe the debt, but I do not have to pay it while allowing them to abuse me.

WOW!!!! I hung up the phone with Mr. Lawton...and said, "I love Wisconsin!"

Yes...ME..Miss Chicago Bear Fan...Cubbie Lover....I said that!!!!! SHOCKING!!!

WOW...what a day!

Thank You Mr. Michael Lawton....you deserve a raise!


Just Be Real said…
Wow! What a Day Indeed Eva!


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