NyQuil Induced Ponderings

OMG! OMG! I think I have broken a fuggin rib from coughing. The last couple of days I've had the head cold from HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I'm still waking from my NyQuil induced daze. Although, I do think my stomach muscles got a workout, and it shows....yup...a new form of exercise...cough for 3 days straight to tighten those flabby muscles.

Anyway, as I was in and out of conscience state and during some fever dreams...I had these thoughts:

Just legalize pot already! Our economy needs it and would thrive. Imagine the revenue the government would get off of taxes....imagine all the space that would be freed up in our prisons...just imagine...

Alcohol does more damage to the individual, and the people around them, than pot ever would. I would much prefer the company of someone with the giggles and munchies over an angry drunk any day of the week......(I think I thought this while watching MSNBC news and a report on the recent increase in unemployment claims)

WOW!!! Watching the Obama's visit the Queen of England is like watching a visit to Munchkin Land. Kinda funny, and who the hell cares that our First Lady returned a "touch" to the Queen...they really need to get over themselves......we won that war.

Hell's Kitchen cracks me up. It really shouldn't as that chef guy is basically an asshole emotional abuser...but geez, you have to admit it's funny. He called that one patron a f*cking dog" ....ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Millionaire Matchmaker....now there's a job. I do wonder about those millionaires that pay that woman to match them up..she's 45 and single? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??? It's like going to an obese doctor to lose weight, isn't it?
I want a milkshake...a bowl of chicken soup..and an IV of NyQuil

That's about all I can remember thinking last night as I downed NyQuil like Kool-Aid.....

Back to reality today.........and back to my sore ribs and stomach muscles...........


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