My Pride

The birthday boy and his new bike...

My baby, Kyle, turns 11 today. Justin will be 16 in August. It's so damn hard to believe that in a blink of an eye my boys will be men. I am an extremely lucky Mom, and I mean that in all sincerity. My boys keep me going. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't for them if I would have found the strength the last few years to push on.

We're a tight knit unit - the boys and I; extremely close. Even last summer when I was working nutty hours and two jobs we still managed to sit down at the table at least once a day and eat together....our social time. We talk about everything under the sun from their day...their current events. No topic is off limits. However there are times when I feel my eyebrows raising as I clear my throat trying to find a way to answer an uncomfortable question.

People often ask me why I don't hate their father for all he has done in the last few years....the scars he has left in all our memories. Justin even will ask me why I don't despise the man especially since he cannot stand to hear his father's name mentioned. I tell Justin that he is entitled to his feelings, and I would never tell him not to feel how he does...that's something he will need to work out when he is ready. Then I tell him to respect mine because every time I look into his or his brother's eyes I am reminded of the gift my marriage to his father did bring me...them...two wonderful children...the reason my heart beats.

I better quit writing now, this post has the potential to turn into one of those Hallmark moments and I will be crying in a matter of moments ....Damn! I avoid those Hallmark Hall of Fame movies for this very reason! {sniffle sniffle} You should have seen me the first day they started school; a friggin basket case!

Well time to go make Kyle's favorite cake; a Black Forest Cake...but before I go, a trip down memory lane....anyone got a tissue?

OMG!! When did he grow up?

Cute little bald thing Justin was!

Yup, a cutie!

See that twinkle? It keeps me on my toes!

Awww...Justin's Baptism...sweet

Kyle and the of my favorite pictures!


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