Sad day: R.I.P Sandra Cantu

This morning I am sitting here sipping my morning coffee while MSNBC plays in the background as I read the news on the net. A typical morning for, and news. There are reports on Obama visiting Turkey...debates on whether or not his first 100 days in office have been time well spent...everyone has an opinion.

Then I read a "breaking news" story on AOL news; California Missing Girl's Body Found. That little girl, Sandra Cantu, who came up missing the last week in March...has been found. Sadly her little body was discovered in a suitcase that had been thrown into an irrigation ditch.

Sandra, a beautiful and innocent 8 year old child, was murdered and discarded by some monster that has yet to be named. The report said that she was still wearing her little pink "Hello Kitty" shirt. The image of this sweet little girl's body being shoved in to a suitcase is just so shockingly horrific that my mind doesn't even want to imagine what her final moments of life was like.

Below this announcement was a link to the story about James Harrison of Graham Washington, and how he murdered his 5 children, before killing himself. The suspected reasoning for the slayings was he was upset when he learned his wife was leaving him for another man.

Five children killed by their own father, and now little Sandra's body being discovered in that suitcase....there really are no words to describe the emotions this all stirs up..

It's a sad day...

Hug and love your children...


Tara said…
Oh wow, Eva, what tearjerkers these are, both what you yourself wrote "and" the video, too. Geez, I don't even know "what" to say, I am virtually at a loss for words. I actually came by here to say "thank you" for posting on my blog and to return the favor but, when I saw your title today (SAD day:) that alone caught my eye and I couldn't resist giving it a read. How heartbreaking, I can't stand hearing this kind of stuff, it's just so...ugh! To be quite honest with you, whenever I do hear it, it gets me right to the core each and everytime and literally makes me feel ill to the stomach. As much I dreaded reading/watching what you posted I still thank you for posting it all the same, abuse is such an important topic and the word on it needs to be spread. Hopefully, somehow, someway, there will be an end to it altogether. Sad, sad, sad.

Again, thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog as well, I am sincerely grateful to you for doing so.

All the best to you and, of course, to all the wonderful children out there, too.

Now, off I go to find the kleenex, it seems I suddenly have "something" in my eye.

I've been following the story about Sandra. This is horrible news.
Just Be Real said…
Makes me sick and pissed!
Eva Marie said…
Sick...pissed...angry.. sorrow...yup, I have all those emotions.

What nags at me is we hear about the ones whose lives are tragically taken from them, but not many countless others there are that live a daily HELL of abuse....

Yup...pissed..sick..angry...sorrow pretty much sums up what I feel today when I think about all of this.
Tara said…
Back to read and watch this one more time and, yup, still feeling just as awful about it as I did earlier. I can't get over all of it, it's just so...senseless.

Eva, you are so right about all of those countless others that we don't even hear about and that alone makes the subject of abuse all that much more heartbreaking. Geez, I can't even imagine how many out there are living in hell each and everyday and doing so in silence, just thinking about it tears me apart.

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