Sandra Cantu ...charges filed against neighborhood mom

I've been holding off writing more about the Sandra Cantu case. I wanted to wait until charges were filed against the person they have in custody; Melissa Huckaby (28 yrs old). Huckaby, just a short while ago, was charged with not only the murder (special circumstances) but also the rape of 8 yr old Sandra Cantu.

This entire story is gut wrenching, and one that is very hard to wrap the mind around. Huckaby is of course innocent until proven guilty, but the mere scenario that the mother of a 5 yr old girl could do such a horrific thing to her child's playmate and neighbor is well..........I'm speechless.

Prosecutors have requested a gag order from the judge, and that I believe has yet to be ruled on. I would suspect considering the nature of the case it would be granted.

People in the community are shocked, and stunned by the well as people around the world. Not only was a sweet innocent child sexually assaulted, and then murdered...but the accused is a woman...a Mom...a Sunday school teacher. There's even part of me that is wondering if there is not more to this story, even though I know women are more than capable of committing such a heinous crime...rare...but capable. "Did she really act alone?"....that thought keeps replaying in my head every time I think about it all.

I cannot even begin to to imagine the grief...the pain...the anger...the loss...disgust...Sandra's family is experiencing. The mere attempt to even try to imagine it all is overwhelming, I can only hope and pray they will one day find peace in their hearts.

Damn!!!!!!! This is all just overwhelming!

You will find it's very rare when I share what my spiritual beliefs are as I believe them to be personal to me. It's one aspect of me I keep extremely private...however, if there are angels, I believe that little Sandra has earned her wings, and will fill the Heavens with light and her innocence still intact. May she rest in peace.

If you would like you can leave thoughts and condolences for the Cantu family here:

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