PAY IT FORWARD!!! JOIN ME!!! Thank you - Make a Wish Upon a Hero!

If you read my blog last week you may have noticed a tidal waves of emotions. I once again felt like I was being pulled in many different directions, and on top of that a bit of frustration because I also realized how far I've come in the last few years....but emotional exhaustion does take a toll, even on the strongest person.

Bill collectors, depleting bank account and my son's 11th birthday at the end of the month. All of it got to me. Thinking about Christmas and how I wasn't able to provide the boys with gifts like I wanted to - grateful remembering the community that filled those needs with Toys for Joy...but still that ache of frustration was in me.

Last week I blogged about that site I read about on a message board - Wish Upon A Hero - and after reading what they were all about, I swallowed that sometimes stubborn pride of mine, and made a wish on behalf of my son and his upcoming birthday....24 hours later, that wish was being granted.

When I read that notice on my computer screen, I cried for my son knowing that he would smile come the day he turns 11. ...

But I have to admit there was still a part of me that was frustrated that I was even in the situation where I needed to make such a wish.

Even with those mixed emotions, I couldn't ignore the fact that my spirit felt lighter...not so weighed down by worry. A feeling I want others to feel. A relief.

So I had this idea- bills are still mounting so maybe it's time to have a garage sale. I really do not have a lot, but maybe enough to cover a little something. Wish Upon a Hero and what they do kept playing over and over in my head....especially the gift we received. I thought about all those clothes my children no longer wear....a few toys that sit in my garage...and decided that those things could bring a smile to another child, and especially if their parent didn't have to pay for it. In a county where unemployment just reached 10.9 percent, I am sure there are many where a used tee shirt is a need.

I want to spread the smiles Wish Upon A Hero brought to me and will bring to my this garage sale I am having will be in their spirit...a Pay it Forward sale where clothing, shoes and toys will be given away freely.

I shared my idea with others, and soon found out that they had items to be given yard will be filled clothing this weekend....

Then something hit me....wouldn't it be great if there was a Pay it Forward movement of garage and yard sales across the country this summer....wouldn't it uplift spirits that are families out without them needing to ask...and provide that smile to a child. If anything maybe the depression of this sagging economy and rising unemployment could help bring communities together again...neighbor helping questions asked.

Maybe this is me being idealistic once again...I do tend to do that....

But I invite you to join me in honoring the spirit of Wish Upon a Hero...and pay it forward by having your own yard sale where items of need are given away freely. Call it a "Pay if Forward" sale....plant seeds of inspiration and giving while placing smiles on children's faces and helping to rebuild communities.

Care to join me?

Here is a link to the Wish Upon A Hero site where I posted my thank you, and told all there what their spirit of giving will do this weekend in my community....Pay it Forward-Wish Upon A Hero.

If you plan on having a Pay it Forward sale please let me know...I will post pictures from mine next week...and PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD in Paying it Forward!


Tara said…
Wow, how absolutely beautiful. Your words and generous heart actually brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely idea to 'pay it forward'. I'm not ready for a garage sale yet but, when the time comes, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will remember what you said and follow through by paying it forward myself.

Thank you for sharing, I hope others will take part in your idea, too.

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